Fake ATM at the annual conference of DefCon

atm_pin_numberAt the annual conference of DefCon in Las Vegas was found a malicious ATM positioned in the conference center of the Riviera Hotel Casino collecting bank costumer information.

The organizers of the conference said that they have no idea about how long this ATM was in the hotel and if the ATM was placed by DefCon attendee or outsider criminal.

Now the authority is still investigating this incident to determine the number of guest targeted by this incident and the amount of damage acquired. Especially that the malicious ATM was placed in one of the few sites which are not visible by the surveillance cameras but near the security room service 🙂 .

Well protecting cardholder is the role of the Bank (to encrypt sensitive information across public networks) but from our side we should keep our card in a safe place and to use it just in a trusted ATM.

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Fake ATM at the annual conference of DefCon (via @sectechno) http://bit.ly/2IVPjv