Fake Android Mobile Game Spreads Malware

Malwares that are targeting Android system are often reported by most AV vendors. Today Sophos lab posted a new version that claims to be a Chinese game called “The Roar of the Pharaoh”.  Well for this case the malicious software install itself in the system without asking for any permission, this will facilitate the installation so victim will have no way to prevent installation at a second phase.

Sophos name the malware as Andr/Stiniter-A and after installing this small piece of software, all smartphone information will be collected and sent to criminal’s remote server. This is beside that a full control of the device is granted so they will be able to send SMS, having all previous messages or getting full phone book details.

The Trojan get masked under a service called “GameUpdateService” this comes to trick user if he is going to check running services on the smartphones, so it can help to make the malware remain on system.  on the other hand if you have a similar named service you need to scan your device with a secuiryt software for Android.

To protect yourself make sure to never install software from unknown sources. while you can take a look at the Android Reverse Engineering (A.R.E.) a virtual machine contains several tools for reversing Android malwares.

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