Facebook security settings

Facebook and other social networking sites can be a great way of keeping in touch with former friends from high school, university and various jobs. But using such sites does come with different risks. Here you can find some best practices that can keep you safe while you still enjoy the benefits of social networking:

* Do not add people you don’t know.
* Be very careful with your public information.
* disable the option that allows software access to your address book.
* Do not add co-workers as friends if you expect privacy at work.
* Don’t tag people on pictures and videos. The practice annoys many people, and it’s an unnecessary way of exposing information.
* Don’t use third-party applications. The apps provided by Facebook are presumably safe, but the rest simply aren’t worth the risk. If you feel you must use them, take precautions.
* Remember that If one of your friends makes a comment on a photo, their friends gain access to your album.
* Remember that the default settings in Facebook are relatively loose. It’s better to add your own settings to make your profile more secure.

So Facebook can be used safely and with little impact on the rest of your life by following these tips.