Facebook Scam Leads to Polymorphic Malware

Bitdefender have reported a new attack that are using social networking website Facebook, attackers start by spreading a malicious link that are hosting a *orn video and by clicking on the link victim will be invited to install a certain Divx plugins in order to watch the video, this is not all as attacker will ask victims to disable thier antivirus to watch the video.

Screenshot for the Scam page

The extension program is called 7pic.exe which are hiding a malicious polymorphic malware that are able to bypass security software’s as it change the code for preventing antiviruses from identifying them, but as functionality it keeps the same way of software attack.

Facebook can be a good way for spreading new malwares as it helps people to share information and videos while attackers to promote and hide new malicous software and take control of any users machine.

To avoid being hacked by this type of malware or a similar one make sure to have the latest system and application update, be sure to have the latest antivirus definition and verify any suspicious link shared on social network to be sure that it is a legitimate one.

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