Facebook Scam Claims Paul Walker “Shocking Video”

Social network websites are full with scams; there is a new circulating message that is using Paul Walker death the famous for his role as Brian O’Conner in the Fast & Furious. Scammers are claiming to have the real video of the fatal accident.

While this is attractive as many fans are looking to see the “Shocking Video” of the crash but obviously the link leads to install rogue software and there is no real video. The malicious application will have a full access to Facebook account and will post the message on all friends using their names.

paul-walker-scam-1screenshot of the post by hoax-slayer

This is not all as the application may add a malicious browser extension and make victims to open certain websites and participate in survey scams. Surveys are widely used by scammers to make victim more involved into the attack and provide additional credentials or personal information.

On social network these links for fake posts are often used to connect to rogue Facebook application and get permission to access users’ profile information. If users do not revoke the permission the posts replicate on friends’ timelines.

Make sure to not click on these links and report them as a spam if you clicked on the link remove the application from your Facebook profile as it will keep spamming your friends.

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