Facebook accounts hijacked by malicious Chrome Extension

Google chrome extensions continue to be among the topics covered by TrenMicro, Another malicious application have been reported over this week that is targeting facebook users. cybercriminals are using the social network to share a malicious link claim to be a YouTube video for a drunk girl.

The shared video will not be directly displayed but user needs to install a browser extension which will run the malware and hijack facebook accounts to makes the fake extension circulating further. the extension is registered on a virtual private server and infected users are located in  Brazil , UK, the US, and Argentina.

Drunk girlscreenshot for the malicious link spotted by TrendMicro

Google have restricted the possibility to use extensions to make them available  only from Chrome store but it is still possible to add extensions that are hosted on private server and obviously may contain malwares. TrendMicro have reported the infected files to Google so they take actions and remove them. To secure your system be sure to never open links from non trusted sources and if you are going to install any extension make sure to scan it with your security software that will identify any risk possess installing the program.

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