ExifDataView Utility To Check Image EXIF Data

CCTV and video surveillance systems are installed on every modern organization this comes as a physical security measure to record any security restriction at any point of the company.  But on the other hand this can make organization open to some attack where outsiders can get more information about system in use.

Malicious users are always searching for vulnerabilities within the organization and they will be searching for pictures that are captured inside the corp. environment to analyze them and determine type of cameras they have at different buildings access.

Regardless of the framework you are going to use in the attack you can take a look at ExifDataView a pretty interesting tool that can help in analyzing any JPG picture to provide you useful information about date and time that the photo been taken, name of the camera manufacture and model, exposure time, software version or even GPS Information if they are available in the camera and this can help to locate places inside the building so it can provide you information about meeting room or the office of certain employee etc.

ExifDataView Interface Screenshot (click to enlarge)

ExifDataView provide a way to generate report to HTML , text file or XML and you can have it freely on the official website http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/exif_data_view.html.

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