ENISA: Awareness Raising Video Clips

enisaENISA has produced video clips which will sensitize your employees to information security risks and remind them of the basic golden rules. The ENISA video clips are available for download and use in any information security training programme, awareness activity and company website.

It is becoming very important for any successful global business to ensure that the corporate policy is prioritized and communicated in an efficient way. Human element plays a huge role in the security and safety of the Information system. So an excellent security policy can just enhance the capability to deal with information security threats and not to eliminate it totally.

My suggestion is to distribute these videos in your corporate and always to remember that prevention is the best medicine.

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RT @Sectechno ENISA: Awareness Raising Video Clips |SecTechno http://bit.ly/iYZcR


ENISA: Awareness Raising Video Clips http://tinyurl.com/loyxez