‘Emma Watson Private Video Leaked’ is a Facebook Scam

New scam have been spotted by Bitdefeder labs that are circulating on Facebook and come to spread malwares. the link claims to be a video for Emma Watson and this is coming after the personal photo leakage incident on iCloud. obviously the link is not leading to any video but it will execute a Trojan horse that grab sensitive information on victim machine.

The attack on Facebook starts by a comment from the infected user sharing a link to the leaked video for Emma, Any user who will click on the link will be redirected to a YouTube spoofed web page, this will open a popup asking victim to update their Flash Player in order to be able to watch the video. the message include the following:

” Our system detected that you are using an outdated Video Player version, in order to watch videos on Youtube please update to the latest secured version of Video Player by clicking [the] ‘Upgrade Now’ button bellow,” the error message reads. “Once you download and install the update refresh the browser to watch the video.””

emma-watson-leaked-facebook-video-reveals-trojans-not-nude-pictures_1Facebook Comment that share the malicious link by Bitdefeder

What is interesting is that the owner of the YouTube account on the spoofed page looks like Anonymous user to be make it as member of the group that leaked the celebrity files. the malware will steal victim phone number and modify the browser settings to hide Facebook extension and prevent victim from detecting the changes.

If you detect similar scam on Facebook make sure to alert the connection about the issue and ask him to scan the operating system with updated security program, clear any browser extension that is suspicious and keep only trusted one and to change their password on Facebook.

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