Email Scammers Target Italian Post Customers

New phishing campaign have been reported by Bitdefender a security software company that are targeting Italian post office customers, cybercriminals start by sending an email message to customer asking them to insert their login and password credentials for performing some kind of maintenance to the service.

The email is very well edited and with identical post logo to eliminate victims suspicion. Message includes the following:

              Caro cliente ,
Lo staff di Poste Italiane sta eseguendo un aggiornamento programmato  del software al fine di migliorare la qualita’ dei servizi bancari forniti.
Le chiediamo di avviare la procedura di conferma dei vostri dati.
A questo punto,La pregiamo di cliccare sul link che trovera’ alla fine di questo messagio

      Acceda ai servizi online di e verifichi il suo account

  Il sistema automaticamente, dopo aver ricevuto la documentazione e averne verificato
la completezza e la verdicita’ dei dati, provvedera’ immediatamente a riattivare il suo account.

  Grazie della collaborazione lo staff di Poste.

By following the link in this email victim will be redirected to criminal’s website where he will be invited to insert all his banking credential.

Screenshot for the phishing form (click to enlarge)

Usually in such attack scenario scammers receive this sensitive information by email to avoid that any third party person gets those credentials but here they store them directly on the phishing server and this make them available for any user.

To protect yourself from such attack make sure that you copy and paste any link you receive over email and never click on hyperlinks, keep your security software updated with the automatic scan enabled, and usually most banks never ask their customers for login credentials via email.


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