EBay Ask Users to Change Their password after a Security Breach

Over this week all media are covering the security breach of eBay accounts, eBay issued a warning of a security incident that may lead to customer sensitive information leakage. eBay already issued a note to all 145 million users recommending them to change their password as soon as possible.

While there are no evidence of the unauthorized activities on users accounts and no traces of unauthorized access to financial information and credit cards but this still not confirmed till an external audit will be conducted.

The largest online market system has become the latest victim in a series of major leakage of private information in the last few years. In this case, the penetration occurs after account compromise of a small number of employee’s. This was possibly due to the same password usage on several sites, from which the password database has been copied earlier. Then attackers gained access to the corporate network. In such a situation the only protection is to use a password manager solution that will generates long combination of characters and helps to periodically update passwords.

Another important security measure is by using the tow factor authentication solution that will generates a token used for one time access each time and will be changed periodically. If you have an account on eBay it is time to change your password.

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