DSploit Android Toolkit for Security Testing

dSploit is a very comfortable tool that you can install on Android to run a pentest or network security assessment. The toolkit allows fingerprinting the remote operating systems and identifying different hosts, scans the network for system vulnerabilities and performing MITM to sniff sensitive information such as user’s password.
The features included in dSploit are:

  • WiFi Scanning & Common Router Key Cracking
  • Deep Inspection
  • Vulnerability Search
  •  Multi Protocol Login Cracker
  • Packet Forging with Wake On Lan Support
  • HTTPS/SSL Support ( SSL Stripping + HTTPS -> Redirection )
  • MITM Real-time Network Stats
  • MITM Multi Protocol Password Sniffing
  • MITM HTTP/HTTPS Session Hijacking
  • MITM HTTP/HTTPS Hijacked Session File Persistence
  • MITM HTTP/HTTPS Real-time Manipulation

dSploitMITM module screenshot from http://dsploit.net/ (click to enlarge)

The toolkit will help security officer or penetration tester to demonstrate how it is possible to exploit vulnerabilities and take control on targeted systems. the team have officially announced that they have a new nightly builds that you can download over this link: http://update.dsploit.net/nightly

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