DressCode Another Android Malware Hosted on Google Play

More than 40 applications on Google play were spotted with malwares this is according to a security research conducted by Check Point. The malware is called DressCode and firstly appeared on Google play in April 2016.

This new type of malware were installed between 100000-500000 times, and have been downloaded by users for about 2,000,000 times. DressCode Android Malware is as other mobile Trojan that will create a botnet of infected systems and keep a constant connection with C&C servers waiting for instructions.


Dresscode malware hosted on Google app

Cybercriminal may use this malware to steal sensitive information and having access to internal system on the corporate LAN. The threat in this malware that it is shipped with usual applications and games to make it hard to be spotted and the application is hosted on Google Play which is a trusted source for programs and applications.

Here is a short video by Check Point explaining the attack with DressCode:

you can find the full Check point post over this link: http://blog.checkpoint.com/

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