Dorkbot worm propagates over Facebook Chat

All social network websites are expanding their functionality to attract more users; if you are subscribed on Facebook you will notice that it is now possible to use webcam, chat or even play games. For all these features there are the good side but it may also increase risk of having new malicious programs.

Today SophosLab reported about new Facebook worm spreading over chat system, the worm is called Dorkbot and can bypass all FB security system to load it on users computer, this kind of malware have been spreading over Instant messaging systems to allow attacker having a complete control over victim machine.

“Although an unsuspecting user may believe that they are clicking on a link to a JPG image, the truth is that they are downloading an executable file that attempts to download further code (another piece of malware) from the net and drops a .BAT batch file onto infected computers. “ According to SophosLab statement

Dorkbot can cause a lot of troubles including:

  • will make your PC hanging and not responding ,
  • in some cases you will find the BSOD (windows blue screen of death) ,
  • will not allow your browser to open certain websites,
  • will create new icon on your desktop
  • Allows attacker to steal sensitive information such as list of website recently visited, usernames, passwords…

To secure yourself you need to keep your system and antivirus definition updated, try to not add suspicious accounts on facebook and to report any malicious activity you detect.

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