Donbot Leads a Way To Twitter Spam

SpamOne more time major botnets are using social networking websites to spread spam.

Symantec’s MessageLabs warned lately that DonBot are started a new massive spamming message, the Lab detected from 18 November 4% of global Spam traffic.

The spam message includes an offer to work from home with a 100-200 dollars daily salary and to be considered for this opportunity the victim should send an initial payment and wait for the golden ticket.

The message also includes an image with link to redirect victim to twitter page and gives hackers a way to hijack Twitter accounts and spam other users.
This shows that more http links in instant messaging conversations are making a way to “instant malware.”

If you are receiving a message on Twitter try to not click directly on the short link and to check the original URL. By checking on which can helps in expanding the URL and avoid phishing, malware, and viruses by examining short URLs before visiting them and Find out where links really take you.

You can also use on Mozilla firefox Tamper Data plugin that helps to test web application security and track request and responses from the URL Link.

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