“Disney World Vacation” is another Facebook Scam

Facebook fun page is one of the way that many companies use to create a communication channel with their customers this makes the client updated and it allows to promote certain products or events of the company. New scam has been spotted by hoax-slayer which claims to provide 5 person a vacation in Disney World with a $1000 Visa gift card.

This is an attractive offer as it is only required from the participant to like, share or comment on the Facebook link. the link obviously have no connection with any prizes but instead it will lead victims to a dodgy survey websites that is built to collect personal data from victim.

Liking, sharing, commenting on the link will promote the fake page over your Facebook connections which may lead to further circulation.  This will also  lead to more income for cybercriminals.

vacation-disney-world-survey-scam-1Facebook fake page by hoax-slayer

If you check the screenshot you can see how scammers create thousands of likes and shares to make the deal looks as much legitimate as possible. if you have shared, liked or commented on similar Facebook pages make sure to remove the link and change your Facebook account password.

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