DiskCryptor – Data Encryption Software

Risks and possible ways for data leakage are increasing , this makes having special tools for encrypting your information is important, one of the open source tools for encrypting disk partitions is DiskCryptor. this tool prevents penetration of keys and passwords to file storage.

Passwords and keys are randomly generated and are stored in an encrypted form this protection is important in all cryptographic products, but it is not always sufficient for information leakage.The guarantee of a safe cryptographic algorithm implementations, is that they are verified by a built-in test according to official test vectors, and open source code assures that no backdoors are present in the program.

Some of important features to DiskCryptor are:

  • Support for encryption algorithm AES, Twofish, Serpent
  • Encryption of disk partitions of any configuration, including boot and system.
  • Ability to use key files.
  • Full support for dynamic disks.
  • Full support for encryption of external USB drives.
  • High performance encryption, comparable with the performance of the system is not encrypted.
  • Optimization for multi-core processors.
  • Support for hardware accelerated cryptographic processors and latest generation of Intel.
  • Automatic mounting of disk partitions and external drives.

You can find more details and download latest release on http://www.diskcryptor.net/

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