DisCryptor Protects Your Privacy

DiscryptorDisCryptor is a complete software for protecting your privacy by providing a free personal product to save sensitive data, send important documents via E-mail and transfer folders on USB memory in an easy and very fast way.

After the installation you will have a very rich dashboard that provides tab for creating new virtual or physical drive so it only needs to click to start encrypting the disk.

You can also creat a traveler disk this functionality will help you encrypt your usb drive so your entire content will be encrypted with a very high security level , the interesting point that later when you are looking to open your files on any PC it is possible even if you have no DisCryptor on it , by choosing Travel disk functionality and you burn an autorun soft to a CD/DVD , and you just need to have the CD and the USB device or external hard drive to open your file.

it is also possible to use this software package to encrypt your files, Encrypted file in software DisCryptor will always has a .DCF extension and icon of DisCryptor logo.

Maybe the biggest panic for any person is to remember passwords. You can imagine how a person will remember thousands of passwords or to write them on a sheet of paper this all is very risky and easy to be lost. Here this software solved the issue by providing a solution to manage passwords and store them in an encrypted way (Hash function includes SHA-256, SHA-384 a SHA-512..), even when you create a password it automatically show the security Level of this password according to the chosen security profile and it is recommended to use the strongest password as possible and keep you tracking your passwords.

Currently there are three types of license a free personal edition, a Business edition and an Enterprise edition you can read more details about Discryptor Here.

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