Dirble – Fast Directory Scanning and Scraping Tool

Dirble is a website directory scanning tool for Windows and Linux. It’s designed to be fast to run and easy to use. Dirble detects files based on the response code sent by the server. The behaviour can be loosely categorized by response code type:

  • 200: the path exists and is valid
  • 301, 302: redirection; report the code, size, and Location header
  • 404: not found; by default these responses are not reported
  • All other response codes are reported in the Dirble format of + [url] (CODE:[code]|SIZE:[size])
Dirble - Fast Directory Scanning and Scraping Tool
Dirble – Fast Directory Scanning and Scraping Tool

A path is classified as a directory if a request to [url] (with no trailing slash) returns a 301 or 302 redirection to [url]/ (with a trailing slash). This gets reported with a D prefix and if recursion is enabled will be added to the scan queue. This method is not dependent on the redirection target existing or being accessible, so a separate request will be made to determine the response code and size of the directory.

Some of the features with this tool are:

  • Cookies
  • Custom Headers
  • Extensions and prefixes
  • HTTP basic auth
  • Listable directory detection and scraping
  • Save ouptut to file
  • Save output in XML and JSON formats
  • Proxy support
  • Recursion
  • Status code blacklisting and whitelisting
  • Threading
  • Request throttling
  • Detect not found code of each directory based on response code and length
  • Ability to provide list of URLs to be scanned
  • User agents
  • Scanning with GET, POST or HEAD requests
  • Exclude ranges of response lengths from output

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/nccgroup/dirble

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