DeepViolet – Tool for Introspection SSL\TLS Sessions


DeepViolet is a TLS/SSL scanning API written in Java. To keep DeepViolet easy to use, identify bugs, reference implementations have been developed that consume the API. If you want to see what DeepViolet can do, use it from the command line in your scripts or use the graphical tool from the comfort of your desktop. Both tools can be used to scan HTTPS web servers to check server certificate trust chains, revocation status, check certificates for pending expiration, weak signing algorithms and much more.

Some of the benefits and features for this tool is:

  • Assess revocation status
  • Certificates signed with weak signing algorithms
  • Weak cipher suits on the web server
  • Warn on certificates with approaching expiration
  • View X.509 certificate metadata
  • Easily visualize X.509 trust chains
  • Explore trust chains, flag self-signed roots
  • Information to support forensics

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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