DDoS Attack Target Swedish Police Network

CybercrimeAccording to thelocal news Swedish police website was subject for a DDoS attack last week. The result of this attack was a complete disrupt of the official website.

On the High traffic the server can treat about 800 requests per second but during the attack they detected about 400 thousand requests per second which is 5 times more than the normal high traffic.

The number of DDoS-attack has significantly increased to become one of the biggest threats on Internet, by looking at the history the beginning of DDoS attacks were mainly directed to disrupting IRC servers, but on 1997 there were a vulnerability on Microsoft windows TCP/IP that allowed hackers to send a lot of packets using several tools and dosing remote systems, another popular incident were on 2000 by turning down web service for many popular websites like YAHOO ,CNN, eBay and others, October 2002 Root DNS servers experienced a DDoS attack to make 7 of the 13 main servers out of service. And now we are seeing a lot of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against social networking website like Twitter and Facebook…

Stopping DDoS attack depends on the whole internet community by protecting your machine from malware that could be used to run these attacks, the most popular Botnet’s are:

Conficker 10 million + Machine.
Kraken – 495 Thousand Machine.
Srizbi – 315 Thousands Machine.
Bobax – 185 Thousands Machine.
Rustock – 150 Thousands Machine.
Storm – 85 Tousands Machine.

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