DDoS Attack Target DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy have restored there online services after a distributed denial of service attacks on last Saturday. The reported size of DDoS is about 50 Gb/sec.
Identity and attackers motives have not been clarified yet but specialists assume that a major hacker’s botnet has been hired to conduct this DDoS attack.
On an official statement the company says that services were disrupted for 1,5 hours by this DDoS attack which has lasted for eight hours. While Level3, GlobalCrossing, Tinet, Tata, and Deutsche Telekom helped in reducing the effect of the attack.
Currently this is the most serious DDoS-attack recorded for at least the last 18 months. You can follow latest news http://twitter.com/DNSMadeEasy
while here is a Universal Tips to Avoid DDoS Attack
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