DDoS Attack Hits Amazon Cloud!

CloudBitbucket a web Service designed to host programming projects has faced an outages last weekend, the failure period was more than 19 hours which is relatively long. According to Amazon the incident was due to a DDoS attack on their computing infrastructure.

This Attack can only brings a doubt in the IT services that are provided by Amazon (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud EC2), we had previously posted on a several cases of DDoS attacks, Jesper posted on the company blog some details about the incident which is not usual.

The story started when they noticed on the server a high load, even by turning off anything that took up CPU. They submitted an “urgent” ticket to the Amazon support system and in 5 minute the support responded by phone to help on the issue.

Later the support identified the problem it was a massive flood of UDP packets targeting the Bitbucket website and consuming the whole bandwidth to the box. This is what we call a distributed denial of service.

The source of attack was not identified but the developer assumed that the attack targeted one of their projects.

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