Datasploit – Tool to Perform Various OSINT Techniques

DataSploit is an easy to use OSINT framework where people can contribute other modules and help the community with cutting edge researches. People can either write modules or can simply import it as a library and write their own tools.

The tool simply requires the bare minimum data (such as domain name, email ID, person name, etc.) before it goes out on a mining spree. Once the data is collected, firstly the noise is removed, after which data is correlated and after multiple iterations it is stored locally in a database which could be easily visualised on the UI provided.

Datasploit – Tool to Perform Various OSINT Techniques

Features included are:

  • Performs automated OSINT on a domain / email / username / IP and find out relevant information from different sources.
  • Easy to contribute OSINT Framework.
  • Code for Banner, Main and Output function. Datasploit automagically do rest of the things for you.
  • Useful for Pen-testers, Bug Bounty Hunters, Cyber Investigators, Product companies, Security Engineers, etc.
  • Collaborate the results, show them in a consolidated manner.
  • Tries to find out credentials, api-keys, tokens, subdomains, domain history, legacy portals, usernames, dumped accounts, etc. related to the target.
  • Can be used as library, automated scripts or standalone scripts.
  • Can generate lists which can be feeded to active scan tools.
  • Generates HTML, along with text files.

There is a very large list of tools that user may integrate with using api keys such as shodan_api, censysio_id, censysio_secret, zoomeyeuser, zoomeyepass, clearbit_apikey, emailhunter, fullcontact, google_cse_key, google_cse_cx, github_travis_key.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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