DarunGrim- A Patch Analysis and Binary Diffing Tool

Security patches are always required to fix software vulnerabilities on different system. While it is always important to test the security patches for functionality of your system some more steps are required also to confirm that the package is the one you need to apply for fixing the vulnerability.

DarunGrim is a tool that can help to verify the binaries and patches installed so you can compare what were the changes applied during installing patch. The tool will list all the files with previous versions and information. Some will have several versions and these are like the point where the package have been changed.

Next you choose the version you want to explore and compare it with another version to have the binary changes and this will provide the picture of the update applied by Microsoft to the system. After choosing the files to compare you start diffing the package.

You can also run a functional analysis to find out what the difference between the patched and unpatched binary.

Patching analyses

DarunGrim is dependent on IDA the utility that can be used to perform the binary and static analyses so you will need to have the IDA installed on your system. You can read more and download DarunGrim on the official website: http://www.darungrim.org/Home

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