Damn Vulnerable iOS App: Swift Edition

New operating system is expected to be always the most secure with a high protection requirement, so the software update will be minimum cause new product should go over a thorough testing and vulnerability assessment beside developer will include a fresh package with limited bugs. All this is fine, but it is not the case with Damn Vulnerable iOS App (DVIA).

Damn Vulnerable iOS App (DVIA) is an iOS application that is damn vulnerable. Its main goal is to provide a platform to mobile security enthusiasts/professionals or students to test their iOS penetration testing skills in a legal environment.

Damn Vulnerable iOS App (DVIA)

Damn Vulnerable iOS App (DVIA)

The vulnerabilities and solutions covered in this app are tested up to iOS 11. The current version is written in Swift and has the following vulnerabilities.

1. Local Data Storage
2. Jailbreak Detection
3. Excessive Permissions
4. Runtime Manipulation
5. Anti Anti Hooking/Debugging
6. Binary Protection
7. Touch/Face ID Bypass
8. Phishing
9. Side Channel Data Leakage
10. IPC Issues
11. Broken Cryptography
12. Webview Issues
13. Network Layer Security
14. Application Patching
15. Sensitive Information in Memory

You can download the latest release over here: https://github.com/prateek147/DVIA-v2

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