Cybercriminals had a phishing Attack on .gov and .mil

Criminals are conducting spam attacks on email addresses related to .gov and .mil domain name. According to Brian Krebs Blog post the fake messages includes a link leads to a Trojan Zeus which helps to steal Banking system passwords.

The reason of success of such attacks that the phishing message looks quit legitimate, Recipients are invited to download a report 2020 Project which exist and recently published by the National Intelligence Council of the United States.

At the same time after investigating the email headers the real sender is [email protected] which is a Russian email address.

16 out of 39 Antiviruses detected the malicious software as a dangerous Trojan. Because Cybercriminals are upgrading their Bot Network to cheat on different AV products (F-Secure detected the Trojan as Suspicious:W32/Riskware!Online).

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