COREvidence Taking Your Security to the Next Level

New update have been announced today by NETpeas about COREvidence Cloud Based Multi Engines Vulnerability Assessment Utility, COREvidence is not just a scanner that will identify vulnerabilities on remote systems , or an application that you install and needs some excessive hardware/software requirement by your IT department, COREvidence is a software , Infrastructure and a service.

The software allows you to take benefit from leading security assessment applications without license purchasing, the infrastructure is maintained and configured to allow you run the scan even from your smartphone device and the service quality is advanced with 24/7 support if you have any special requirement during your Penetration testing or Audit mission.

Screenshot for COREvidence Dashboard (click to enlarge)

So what we have new is the following:

Technical template: After a Vulnerability/WAS scanning, customers can now generate a detailed Technical report. This report contains the TCP / UDP Protocols, Banners detected, Application Versions, Classification with CVSS v2.0 and Exploits (using ExploitDB, Metasploit, Saint Exploit)

PCI Template: Based on Multi-Scans, we supply to customers a new PCI PDF Reports based on correlated data from multiple solutions. As a result, a Status of “Passed / Failed” is given to the audited asset. The NETpeas PCI Scoring is based on multiple criteria (Vendors Results, COREvidence Scoring – ScoRISK -, CVSS of Findings, some CWEs) to decide either the Asset passed or failed the requirements.

Meeting compliance with regular audit is very important for any business owner and purchasing similar solution with highly technical team can be very expensive, so why not to take your business to the next security level with COREvidence and especially that Audit is not a daily operation.

You can find pricing and more information at the official website:

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