CoreTrace BOUNCER Advanced Endpoint security Product

New video demonstration have been released by CoreTrace about how to stop Reflective Memory Injection attack that provide attacker a full control on victim machine, Tools used in the demo is Metasploit on attacker side machine and windows XP operating system on victim computer.

As always technique used to execute the malicious script on victim side is the web browser, This can be easily done by some social engineering technique to allow attacker get an open session on victim computer.Here CoreTrace suggest to protect users by an innovative application called BOUNCER.

“BOUNCER is the most secure application whitelisting solution designed for the real people that use it. We know that simply locking down endpoints from executing unauthorized applications isn’t enough. Application whitelisting solutions must be designed for intuitive administration and be as transparent as possible to the end users it protects. BOUNCER does just that. Provide security, visibility, and control with the user at the center of all design considerations.

Very interesting demo by Greg Valentine.


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