CONFidence 2012 Hackers Conf Scheduled

CONFidence 2012 IT Security Conference

CONFidence gaining momentum, so get ready for two days filled with lectures and extreme attractions! The presentations will be divided into four theme groups (2 each day) with more than 30 speakers, unpublished materials, workshops and a special X-traction point game, which is something you haven’t seen before!

Schedule template contains four separate thematic tracks:

  • WebSec – Web application Security
  • Cross-Layer – Communication protocols, Servers, Applications, Misc
  • AppSec – Security and Application Flaws
  • Pwnage – Bypassing the security systems, hacking technologies

Some of the speakers at the conference include John “Captain Crunch” Draper, Gregor Kopf, Ashar Javed, Alexey Sintsov, Eduardo Luiz, Luiz Eduardo, Zane Lackey, Raoul Chiesa and many more.

Details of the schedule can be found at:

As always at the conference there will be discussion panels led by world-class experts, including, “Secure Web application – is it possible?” panel led by Mario Heiderich and Gareth Hayes.

There will also be additional workshops before and/or after the conference, inlucing a special workshop prepared by Compendium, where you can prepare for and obtaining an ISECOM certificate.

Apart from the normal presentations, there will be special Ligtning Talks track spread over two days. Attendees will be able to perform short, 5 minutes long presentations, covering all range of topics ranging from their projects, research results to even some specific hobbies. Every conference attendee has a possibility to submit a topic for as long as there are free slots for the talks.

For the very first time, we will deploy an X-traction Point contest, where attendees will be given a possibility to test their skills in lockpicking, knowledge about alarm systems, motion and sound detectors along with basic hacking skills. They will have to use their knowledge in a live bunker infiltration, get behind the security systems, pass the guards and save a prisoner. All that live streamed for the audience. This will be spectacular!

SecTechno is a media partner for CONFidence 2012 and conference organizer provide our readers a  15% discount on registration fee by using the following code : 2012-sectech

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