Compromised Webmails Used for Sending Spams

SpamAfter the last week news about hacking a big number of email accounts, many security experts noticed a jump in the amount of Spam.

Websense security Lab announced a significant increase in the number of junk emails over the last few days.

Spam has been sent from the compromised email accounts (Hotmail,Gmail and Yahoo) to those people who are included in the contact lists, while many victims suppose that they are receiving letters from people they know.

Websense research Manager Patrick Runald mentioned that the level of spam increased in the last week which matches the publication of stolen email addresses in the Internet. This shows how hackers can make benefit of any kind of information even contact lists.

Runald also noted that these spams attract users to visit fake website for online shopping, these sites offers a reasonable discounts for some good products but after you pay you do not receive your order.

Websense research manager also mentioned that number of phishing attack is decreasing especially that cybercriminals prefer to use more effective ways to steal passwords like Trojans.

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