Coca-Cola Norway Website Hacked

Hundreds of websites are hacked on daily bases but when it comes to multinational company with big budgets and investment this will be the first topic on news. Today a Greek hacker defaced first soft drink company Coca cola in Norway.

Announcing the attack with the cause have been published by anonymous user on Pastbin and operation is called Napsterakos Greek Hacking Scene , this attack is not as we usually find by other group of hackers where a whole story is written to explain the attack , here group briefly said that “#Reason: When futere is based on lies, everyone is corrupted…”

This attack bring in mind the security problem of the multinational companies, here if a hacker find a bug in website hosted in any branch the same bug may exist everywhere because they use the same infrastructure technologies.

Now there should be investigation to understand how the attack happened so hacker will not exploit the vulnerability again and publish more information about the attack so customer (including myself) be aware the risk of drinking Coca-Cola.

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