Cloud Security Suite – Tool for Auditing AWS & GCP Infrastructure

Public Cloud is now widely used by many companies to provide required infrastructure and running services that is needed for any purposes such as mail, security infrastructure and communication. Some organization are entirely moving to public cloud services and this may involve security concerns for remote access and the type of information going to be transferred over the cloud provider.

If you are looking for a tool to audit your public cloud infrastructure in AWS or GCP you can check Cloud Security Suite. This is an open source tool that will help in auditing the configuration and security of the cloud account.

Some of the vulnerability that are going to be discovered are:

  • List the security groups and check password/IAM policies
  • S3 buckets are world-readable
  • Web servers supporting vulnerable ssl ciphers
  • Ports exposed to public with vulnerable services running on them
  • If root credentials are used
  • Logging or MFA is disabled
CS Suite AWS report

CS Suite AWS report

There many benefits in switching to AWS or GCP but the question is how to make sure that your data and account are protected against attack.

you can read more and download this tool over here:

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