CloseTheDoor- Detect Network Security Holes

Remote backdoors is ways that are used by hackers to maintain access on the compromised systems.  Types of remote backdoors generally fall into three categories: Network Socket Listener, Trojan, or covert channels.

Here there is an opensource tool that is called CloseTheDoor that can help you to discover and prevent these three categories of backdoor. it is an easy-to-use application that identifies all the listening ports, TCP / UDP over IPv4 / v6 and all the associated program files. This software will help you detect security holes and close backdoors when you want to prevent remote attacks.

If you run the tool you will have the following information:

  • Interface that are active on the network
  • The opened port on the operating system
  • Protocol used by this port TCP/UDP
  • Process that is running on this port
  • Process ID on the operating system
  • The service that is running on this port
  • Product name and a short description for the product if this is available

CloseTheDoor allow you also to run command directly from the graphical interface like Netstat, Tasklist, disable dangerous ports or you can as well call regedit, list all services from the same tool interface.

The size of the tool is about 128 K and the current version is CloseTheDoor0.2.1.

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alejandro roca gonzales

its brute force protocol the legitime style of a hacker

alejandro roca gonzales

protocol of brute force is the way that hackers get insed system