CiscoRouter- Tool for scanning Cisco router products over SSH

Cisco routers may have security vulnerabilities or misconfiguration that allow attacker to change or control the device remotely. if you are looking to scan cisco router device you can check CiscoRouter.

CiscoRouter is a tool for scanning Cisco-based routers over SSH. Rules can be created using accompanying CiscoRule application and stored in the “rules” directory. some of the features include:

  • Automatically ignores interfaces that are not currently active, so there should be no “false alarms” generated by bad practices that don’t affect the actual security of the device
  • Multithreaded scanning engine that will scan up to five devices concurrently to speed up output
  • Allows for the saving of configuration files, so frequently tested groups of routers can be stored
  • Rules are created with a simple GUI-based application, and are easily managed.
  • View and edit output before saving to remove any false positives or unwanted items
  • Output in a variety of formats
  • Allows users to define username/password combination for logging in to the application

The application allow to have authenticated scan to generate a report about any misconfiguration and the team is planning to include new features such as built in rule creation, scan profiling to specify the list of check required and a native-appearing GUI. you can read more and download the tool over this link:

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