Chrome Password Decryptor – Utility to Recover Chrome Stored Passwords

Google chrome is now widely used for navigating online resources, chrome as any web browser allows to store passwords to help users automate their online authentication, this is good as a functionality but from the security prospective this enable hacker to get all stored passwords.

Chrome Password Decryptor is a free application that you can use for this purpose as it helps to detect and recover most passwords in a text form. The program has a graphical interface and a command line for penetration testers.

 ChromePasswordDecryptor Setup

Chrome Password Decryptor Installation Screenshot (click to enlarge)

The program can be used on any windows platform including Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Win7 and if you have lost your passwords than you can use it. To download and install the tool check the following link:


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Manov rao

Does it really works?


If your passwords stored in the chrome standard form then it works.