Checking Credit Card Numbers with PowerShell

During penetration testing you need to verify that there are no credit card numbers or card verification code (CVV) are stored in databases, file systems  or transmitted in network traffic. While if you have some digits and the hash of the CC number it is possible to crack it.

CC_Checker is a PowerShell script that you can use to brute force CC number, what you will need is the hashes of credit card, first 6 numbers and last 4 digits where you will get a file format: 123456??????1234:HASH.

The command on PS is as follows:

PS CC_Checker.ps1 -i INPUT_FILE -o OUTPUT_FILE -h HASH_TYPE [1-3]

1 = SHA1
2 = SHA256
3 = MD5
PowerShell is available at all windows version starting from windows se7en.

You can find the PowerShell script at the following link:

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