Cerber Ransomware Used to Attack Office 365 Users

Microsoft Office 365 users were targeted by a massive malicious attack. Cybercriminals used a RansomWare virus called Cerber that was distributed over emails and encrypted users’ files.
Some of the technical details about Cerber Trojan is that the malicious program encrypts documents of their victims with the help of encryption algorithms AES-265 and RSA, and then require 1.24 Bitcoin or 500 USD in order to restore lost data. Usually Cerber will be distributed through documents from malicious macros that sent by spam messages.

Screenshot of the virus RansomWare Cerber virus sourced Avanan

Screenshot of the virus RansomWare Cerber virus sourced Avanan

This malware will not be detected using the traditional security software as the Trojan is loaded from the cloud email application and not local email client. The cyber-criminals behind this malware still not identified.

According Avanan during the June 22 about 57% of organizations using Office 365 received at least one copy of the Trojan. However number of infected hosts/users is very difficult to count.

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