Cartero- E-Mail phishing framework

Cartero is a tool that you can use to create and send phishing emails with the command line interface, the framework include several modules and allow user to create their own module as well. the framework include the following features:

  • Cloner this allow to clone the website that you will use in the phishing attack
  • Mailer this module will send emails to the target using the required template
  • ¬†Listener is the system responsible of running the WebServer created through Cloner and you can customize the port you need
  • LinkedIn for sending message with linkedin API and integration with social network
  • IMessage module for sending message with data you need on Apple platform
  • GoogleVoice a module allow to send SMS using Googlevoice
  • Twilio module to send SMS over Twilio accounts.
  • The Admin Console module allows to list information gathered from the victim

The tool can be used during security awareness program or during a pentest as part of the social engineering testing. To download this framework make sure to follow this link:

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