Carbon14 – OSINT dating tool for web pages

Web application resources may include an important artifact and evidence of the attack. the issue that may face incident responder is that web content allow timeline modification which may prevent to find the actual web page creation. If you are looking to investigate Web pages creation you can use Carbon14.

Carbon14 is a tool that will allow investigator to find the timestamps of static resources that are uploaded while writing articles. The Last-Modified header of linked images can be leveraged to estimate the time period spent by the writer while preparing a blog post. This period can be compared to what the CMS shows in order to detect notable differences.

Carbon14 – OSINT dating tool for web pages

Once you run the tool against the targeted URL you will have the list of images included in that particular page and timestamp of image upload. The tool may also analyze external images that are linked from targeted website.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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