Cangibrina – Fast Dashboard (admin) Finder

Cangibrina is a multi platform tool which aims to obtain the admin Dashboard of sites using brute-force over wordlist, google, nmap, and robots.txt.

Cangibrina – Fast Dashboard (admin) Finder

some of the supported options with the remote scanner:

  • set wordlist in case there is a custome website user may select a specific wordlist that will make the attack and scan faster.
  • set threads number (default: 5) configuring the number of threads may help in controlling and bypassing security controls.
  • Filter path by target extension
  • modify user-agent
  • search for sub domains instead of directories
  • Set Tor proxy
  • use google and duckduckgo to search
  • Set custom dork
  • use nmap to scan ports and services

In-order to use all options attacker should install the list of packages in the requirement manual including mechanize, PySocks , beautifulsoup4 , html5lib , Nmap (–nmap) ,TOR.

You can read more and install this tool over here:

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