CANard – Vehicle Hacking Platform

CAN car hacking

Hacking cars have been demonstrated several times this year. New technologies that were implemented served in improving Cars connectivity and usability, but on the other hand have opened some security gaps that car manufactures should fix.

Today cars include CAN buses that allow micro-controllers to communicate with the application using a special protocol for automotive applications. The same protocol introduces vulnerabilities for compromising the system. On Blackhat Asia new hacking car device was released by Eric Evenchick that is relatively cheap and coast about $60.

Hopping on the CAN Bus is the name of the presentation for this tool where the speaker demonstrated CANard (Vehicle Hacking Platform) an open-source toolkit allows easy scripting of CAN bus tasks. This tool is based on python framework to work with CAN.

CANard (Vehicle Hacking Platform) can be used to run a denial of service against the target, diagnostic actions and fuzz protocols. Author recommend that you use the tool with CANtact v1.0 which is the hardware that will connect to any CAN enabled using a standard OBD-II cable. The device is a cross platform that works on Mac, Linux, and Windows.


CANtact is an open source Controller Area Network (CAN) to USB interface for your computer

This presentation prove how it is possible to attack closed systems and invite all vehicle vendors to work with security researchers for implementing security measures that will help to protect the customers.

You can read more about CANard (Vehicle Hacking Platform) over this Link.

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