CallJam Android malware discovered on Google Play

Check Points security researchers reported another malicious application CallJam on Google Play that target Android users. The first was a game called DressCode and also hosted on the official Google Play applications.

Over this week Check Point warning of another android malware called CallJam that is hidden inside “Gems Chest for Clash Royale” Game. This malware is also hosted on Google Play and will allow cyber-criminals to make calls and display malicious advertising on infected systems.

CallJam is very popular application on Google store as the game was downloaded by 100 000 – 500 000 users and the rate of this game is very positive 4.0 which looks like customer were impressed by this game.  What makes similar application very dangerous that the malware is hidden in the game so by installing the game user will not find if his device infected or not.


CallJam malware inside “Gems Chest for Clash Royale”

The Malware will turn the Android device into a botnet that will be controlled by attackers some of the possibility that attacker have is to make calls on infected system which makes a revenue to cybercriminals.

“Since it deceives the users as part of its activity, the game has been able to achieve a relatively high rating. Users are asked to rate the game before it initiates under the false pretense that they will receive additional game currency. This is another reminder that attackers can develop high-reputation apps and distribute them on official app stores, putting devices and sensitive data at risk.” you can find the full blog over here

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