CAINE 6.0 – Dark Matter is out!

New release for CAINE 6.0 (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment) is available and can be downloaded on the official website. CAINE is a live distribution designed for forensic analysis, finding hidden and deleted data on disks and detect information to restore the system.  Distribution based on Ubuntu and is equipped with a single GUI-based shell MATE to manage a set tools for both Unix, and Windows systems.

There are several tools integrated with CAINE such as GtkHash, Air, SSdeep, HDSentinel (Hard Disk Sentinel), Bulk Extractor, Fiwalk, Byte Investigator, Automated Image & Restore (AIR), Autopsy, Foremost, Scalpel, Sleuthkit, Guymager, DC3DD. This beside the WinTaylor that allows to generate detailed reports about all the anomalies in windows system.

The new release include a new installer based on SystemBack. there is also an added support for UEFI and UEFI Secure Boot. Implemented the transition to Linux 3.16 kernel and Ubuntu 14.04.1. some of the fixes include the bash shellshock vulnerability, mount policy to ro and loop mode. you can download the new release over this link:

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