CAINE 11.0 “Wormhole” – New Distribution Release

CAINE 11.0 “Wormhole” is an Italian GNU/Linux live distribution created as a Digital Forensics project Currently the project manager is Nanni Bassetti (Bari – Italy). CAINE offers a complete forensic environment that is organized to integrate existing software tools as software modules and to provide a friendly graphical interface.

CAINE 11.0 "Wormhole"  - New Distribution Release
CAINE 11.0 “Wormhole” – New Distribution Release

The important news is that CAINE 11.0 blocks all the block devices (e.g. /dev/sda), in Read-Only mode. You can use a tool with a GUI named BlockON/OFF present on CAINE’s Desktop.
This new write-blocking method assures all disks are really preserved from accidentally writing operations, because they are locked in Read-Only mode. If you need to write a disk, you can unlock it with BlockOn/Off or using “Mounter” changing the policy in writable mode.

some of the important new update are:

  • All devices are blocked in Read-Only mode, by default.
  • New tools, new OSINT, Autopsy 4.13 onboard, APFS ready,BTRFS foresic tool, NVME SSD drivers ready!
  • SSH server disabled by default
  • SCRCPY – screen your android device
  • Autopsy 4.13 + additional plugins by McKinnon.
  • X11VNC Server – to control CAINE remotely.
  • AutoMacTc – a forensics tool for Mac.
  • Bitlocker – volatility plugin
  • Autotimeliner – Automagically extract forensic timeline from volatile memory dumps.
  • Firmwalker – firmware analyze
  • CDQR – Cold Disk Quick Response tool

You can read more and download this distro over here:

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