Bugspy.net: Opensource Bug Tracking Website

logoBug is a word that means an error in a certain program, usually Bugs are located and removed in the program testing or debugging phase.

Globally there is a big number of testing labs that are on a daily bases looking for discovering new Bugs and alerting on them, here I wanted to mention this site http://www.bugspy.net this site is dedicated to alert of the latest vulnerabilities in the open source applications.

Bugspy is a search engine that crawls the web looking for bugs from different sources. There are thousands of open source software projects but the site objective is to make it easy for security professional to identify the bugs in a quick way and to provide details on the severity of this vulnerability, this is very important to protect the open source resources.

The vulnerability description provided on text and statistically deciding whether this bug might pose a security threat and the level of this threat so if it’s critical a fix should be applied to mitigate the risk.

Here you can find some technical details about the site:

Crawler development language: Python
Web site development language: Python + Django framework
Database: PostgreSQL
Number of open bugs indexed: ~225,000 bugs and going up
Number of products indexed: ~ 7500 products and going up
Exploitable Bugs Detector: Developed with the aid genetic algorithms (pyevelove http://pyevolve.sourceforge.net)

The targeted visitors: IT Security experts, developers, sw project managers, and anyone who wants to be regularly updated about new bugs in OSS.

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