Browzar Keeps Your Navigation Private

When you use your computer you may keep all your internet activity that can be tracked by other people. here we are talking about Cookies, History, Temp files, and Passwords. it will be possible to configure your Firefox browser or IE to erase your track after closing the navigating web page but also you can use Browzar.

Browzar is a light and free application that provide a special security features to protect your privacy, this will be useful for people that conduct online payment or if they have a cloud applications and they want to have a high security level during their work. the application will automatically clean your history navigation by closing the session, some of the features:

  • securely delete files by overwrites file with zeros, ones, random data and rename the file several time for no possible restore.
  • delete temporary files including Java and flash
  • delete all cookies after closing the web session this to protect users privacy
  • delete network activity and what files were downloaded
  • Keeps your search private.

Browzar  Your private window on the Web - Browzar_2013-02-03_16-10-55

Click on the image to enlarge

You can read all features and download the latest release Browzar 2.0 at the official website

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