BrightCloud: Web Filtering URL Database

blueLogoEvery day more and more people begin to store and process Data using Internet services or on servers over the Internet connection, Internet connection is used by all corporate and it is very important to make the usual work checking email searching for resources or updating your applications..

Well here there is a big threat from visiting infected website that can damage all systems and applications and using an integrated web security solution is very important to check that the visited URL is safe.

BrightCloud® offers Web Filtering Services for Security Applications, it has powerful data base that includes a huge list of infected website it can benefit the firewall to block any black listed websites so by integrating this solution with your current firewall you can eliminate a big risk to get infected.

Comparing to Google Safe Browsing API BrightCloud has 15x as many known malware sites which mean more 15x protection, updates its malware list with over 100,000 entries daily.

web_alertsThe most important that BrightCloud use a lot of sources, mechanisms and engines to monitor, detect, and update security categories. Some of them include honeypot (for spam and botnet’s), others can be gathered over a fake open proxies …

After collecting this information, security software or devices companies can take benefit from these advanced Data and make their solution more effective.

As a reference you can find Microsoft ISA firewall is using BrightCloud database and Palo Alto Networks is also using BrightCloud for their Firewall device.

Here is a link that provides the difference between BrightCloud API and Google Safe Browsing API, while you can find at this page latest Internet threat detected.

Now this is very important for any company to have such a solution because this work needs a lot of effort, knowledge and time to implement honeypot and detect malware and identify spams, while you can have all that by adapting BrightCloud to your Network.

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Justin Davis

I agree, but I'm not so sure about what you said at the beginning. Where are you getting your information? I'm not disagreeing, but I'm just wondering how you came to that conclusion.

Justin Davis
Author does not represent the position of LSI, which screens content as an internet filter to K-12 institutions.


Dear Justin,

Thanks for your comment but i didn't get your question. you agree or not?

if you are looking to submit a release about your security solutions you are welcome 🙂


BrightCloud: Web Filtering URL Database (via@sectechno) #security #Malware


RT @MBenLakhoua: BrightCloud: Web Filtering URL Database (via@sectechno) #security #junkmail #malware


BrightCloud: Web Filtering URL Database (via@sectechno) #security


RT @MBenLakhoua: BrightCloud: Web Filtering URL Database (via@sectechno) #security #junkmail #malware


BrightCloud: Web Filtering URL Database (via@sectechno) #security #junkmail #malware


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