Breaking Bad Used for Scams

Social network is one of the sources that cyber-criminal use to promote their links.  Symantec has reported a new spamming campaign where attackers are using twitter for some marketing purposes.

The attackers are not directly posting the suspicious link on twitter but they use instead pastebin to post links and on twitter they make the buzz by tweeting urls promising victims that they have a leaked new series for Breaking Bad TV episode.

Breaking Bad 1Symantec screenshot for twitter spam

When victim open the link he will start to download a zipped file that contain a text message along with a media file for a previous episode. Some applications are downloaded as well that helps cyber gangs to make some money.

Similar trick as the one described by Symantec is a labyrinth where victim knows the beginning but only attacker are familiar with the end. So make sure that you never download applications that are from non trusted sources and it will be good habit to verify the link with some online sandbox mentioned previously on our blog that helps to identify risks involved in downloading or opening suspicious files.

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