Bluewall – Python Framework to Automate Firewall Setup

Bluewall is a firewall framework designed for offensive and defensive cyber professionals. This framework allows Cybersecurity professionals to quickly setup their environment while staying within their scope.

Bluewall - Offensive and Defensive Firewall Framework
Bluewall – Offensive and Defensive Firewall Framework

Some of the included features with this framework:

  • Configure Firewall
  • Configure Hostname
  • Configure Interface(s)
  • Supporting Redhat / CentOS
  • Windows configuration can be generated but not executed.
  • Target Host – Outbound communication
  • Trusted Host – Bidirectional communication
  • No Strike – Devices your computer should not communicate with

The default configuration comes with Outbound connections will be allowed on all ports to all hosts. Inbound connections will be limited to related outbound traffic. DHCP will be enabled. Ping responses will be enabled. Unsolicited inbound connections will be dropped.

If the user want to make more restricted configuration he may update the config file to add required connections. Generally the setup can be part of system hardening for the firewall configuration and there are few examples to make the implementation fast and convenient.

There are several modes that the user may use for quick config. this is a one line command to:

  • Setup Initial Environment using Configuration
  • Export optional windows configuration
  • Add additional inbound host or ranges
  • Exclude host to communicate with
  • Super easy wizard mode

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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